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Getting You On the
Road Stress-free

Without the proper permits, the DOT and state highway patrols can flag your truckers down and slap them with heavy fines. That eats into your profits before you've even delivered your cargo. We protect your trip and your profits with thorough permit services that follow all state and federal regulations. With your paperwork in order, you'll be safe from heavy fines. Reach out to us today!

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Make permit chores a five-minute task by using our EasyPermits service, an all-in-one software that helps you manage your permits. You can view your past permits, save truck info, and track the status of pending permits!


Do you work for another truck permit service? Partner with us and offer the benefits of EasyPermits to your customers!

We specialize in:

  • Same day NY HUT (permanent and temporary)*
  • TRIP & FUEL permits
  • Over Dimensional permits
  • Same Day KYU (permanent and temporary)*

*-assuming no issues between carrier and state

Trip Permits

Trucking regulations vary from state to state. When your truckers have to haul cargo outside of the state, and you are not registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP), then we’ll help you navigate those regulations. Our team can get you single or multiple temporary trip permits for anywhere in the US. You’ll receive your permits in as little as one hour.

Fuel Permits

Are you not registered under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)? Your truckers will likely need a fuel permit to avoid heavy fees. We can offer you a temporary fuel permit in lieu of IFTA registration. In just a few hours, you'll receive your fuel permit and can get on the road.

Overweight/Oversize Permits

Are you carrying large cargo? There are different regulatory processes for trucks with oversize freight. To avoid losing money on fees, reach out to Custom Permits for an overweight/oversize permit. Don’t let the fines from overweight loads rack up on you. We are a quick and easy solution.

Qualifications for an Overweight/Oversize Permit:

  • Loads of 80,000 pounds
  • Load over 8 ½ feet wide or 13 ½ feet high

Superload Permits

If you’re hauling something that's even bigger than oversized, let us know. Regulations for superloads vary from state to state, but we know the laws well. We’ll assist you with special superload permits and can even help with bridge surveys, route planning, and more. From the minute you pick up your superload to the minute you drop it off, we’ll be there for you.

Multi-state Permit Orders

Big or Small, We Do It All 

The most complicated jobs involve state police escorts, surveys, and multiple permits across states. Getting on the road legally shouldn’t be a struggle. Our permitting team can assist with all the administrative headaches so you can do what you do best—hauling.

Partner with Us

We’re helping our fellow permitting agencies by offering a faster, easier way to supply permits to customers. Simply enter your orders into our EasyPermits service and get permits in hours. EasyPermits allows you to save truck info, view past permits, and even track the status of your orders. Your customers will appreciate getting on the road faster, and you will appreciate an all-in-one system that doesn’t give you headaches. It’s a win-win!

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